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NehruMarket.com is a non-commercial website and provides the information to its visitors for free. There are no seller registration fees or hidden fees for visiting this site. we are fully based on advertising to cover the expenses of using this website, such as domain fees, website hosting, site design and development and workers fees. Therefore, we invite you to post your business ads on this website at a very affordable prices. You can buy space on the website for your ads permanently for a limited time. Interested persons may contact at below registration button.

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Type of Ads

Text Ads

  • Link Ads : Get a link to your site from Nehrumarket.com through the top of page.
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  • Guest Post : Submit your well written post on our website.

Graphics Ads:

  • Banner Ads : You can choose from a wide range of graphics and banner ads of different sizes i.e. 170×20, 190×40, 128×128, 180×80, 512×512 and 1000×200, and 1200×500, FullPage. You can also place your own designed customized ad in form of png and jpeg.
  • PDF Ads : Add your custom logo and banner to our highly downloadable Price list pdfs.

Important Note for Computer Dealers

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