Android 12L Beta 1 is coming for Large-Display devices with optimizations

    After completing the first developer preview of Android 12L for Tinovo Tab P12, just a few days ago the first trial version made by Android 12L is now available for development.

    In addition to the ability to build Android 12L beta 1 on Lenovo tablet devices and pixel devices, developers can use Android Studio to simulate their programs on large pages. The list of improvements and changes in most Android blogs generally focuses on improving the user experience on large devices, especially tablets.

    Android 12L

    In addition to the bugs and improvements of the December security patch, beta 1 is added to the larger screens: notifications, quick settings, screen locks and splash screen. Other fields in the user interface use two columns with a display above 600 DP. Several activities receive new functions.

    There is now a taskbar that allows you to mark icons and use recent apps directly in split mode. Android tests all applications that are split across the screen, regardless of whether the program is correct. Android 12L improves the program portfolio in compatibility mode.

    Android 12L image

    Android has more programming software to allow developers to work on improving large screens with material design. Congose ​​Jetpack grants UI changes in different sizes in display formats and window size categories to scale design programs and allow simulations that can be studied in Android developers Changed applications in different sizes and screens.

    However, many of these changes will clearly be higher on the screen, but Pixels can also install Beda Beta 12L Android by sharing with your Google account and selecting Beta Android.

    Check the source connection for full access to step with Android 12 Beta 1.