Android 13 named “Tiramisu” First Look shows a lot of future

Now let’s take a unique look at some of the features and changes you might see in Android 13 “Tiramisu”, the next Android version will likely show up after Android 12L.

Now the Android 13 login source is very soon with unexpectedly American clips so that you can show a lot of future features and changes. But since Android 13 has long since disappeared, the features we offer can create them or for the first Android developer of 13 examples that are expected to be released in 2022.

App Languages in Tiramisu

A recent Android police report revealed that Google is working on a new feature, called “Panlingual” code for Android 13, which will allow users to select language settings according to each application. This function allows users to select the language settings of each application individually on their device, which is very useful for multilingual users who prefer different locations for different applications.

This function appears as a new application language option in language and input settings, but users can also access it from the Application Information page. We have access to screenshots that confirm that this function is working.

Notifications could become an opt-in feature on Android 13

Google could take another step to address this risk next year. Android adds a new “POST_NOTIFICATIONS” license for runtime notifications. This means that notifications can become a subscription feature in Android 13.

Users can choose whether a program sends notifications to their device in a way that allows other runtime permissions, such as location and camera. Access.

Google introduce a new Feature ‘TARE’

With Android 13, Google is expected to pave the way for a feature called “TARE”, which stands for “The Android Resource Economy”. TARE mainly focuses on managing the power consumption of the device and this function works through the AlarmManager and JobScheduler policies.

New Settings added to Lock Screen Clock Layouts

On Android 13, new settings have been added to the lock screen settings to change the clock setting on the lock screen.

On Android 12, the clock will appear on the lock screen along with the two rows you see in the first photo above, but only when there is no notice. When you enter a level, the configuration shifts to a single row layout and returns after deleting the level. The new configuration allows users to maintain a single row configuration that users request for longer periods of time.

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