BGMI players will need Facebook apk to login on Android from November 5th

Android users need to install the Facebook application to sign in to Battlegrounds Mobile India.


  • Battlegrounds Mobile India will disable Facebook sign-in from the embedded browser on Android devices from November 5th.
  • Android users need to install the Facebook application to log in to BGMI.
  • Krafton has made this change to be compliant with the Facebook SDK

Krafton has announced changes to the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) login options for Android users. In this game, players cannot sign in with the built-in browser on their Android phone. Instead, the player must install the Facebook application from the Google Play store in order to sign in with their Facebook account. The login change will take effect on November 5th and players will not be able to log in without installing the Facebook application. According to Krafton, the sign-up change is due to a policy update regarding the Facebook SDK. The company cited the same reasons that PUBG Mobile data transfer using Facebook accounts was disabled.

Krafton said: "As we announced on August 31st, due to policy updates related to the Facebook SDK, logins with Facebook accounts in the embedded browser of Android devices will no longer be possible." Krafton shares a new list of changes. It is shown below.

[Changes with Facebook accounts]

  1. Login disabled unless the Facebook App is not installed on the device: November 5
  2. Target platform: AOS

Fortunately, Battlegrounds Mobile India players using iPhones are not affected by this change. Many BGMI players are on Facebook as social media giants have caused some controversy over privacy breaches, misinformation, malicious language, and data access on devices to serve personalized ads. You may feel uncomfortable using the application. Facebook’s resale to Meta is believed to have been done to separate corporate R & D from social networks.