Best CPU Fans and Cooler from Nehru Place Market

When it comes to building a high-performance PC, CPU cooling is a critical consideration. Whether you’re a seasoned overclocked or a casual gamer, the right cooler can make all the difference. In this blog, we’ll explore the world of CPU coolers, from air coolers to liquid AIO (all-in-one) solutions. Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the fascinating realm of thermal management!

The price of the latest CPU fans and CPU coolers is based on the price at Cost to Cost Shop and other dealers in the Nehru market listed below, so your search for the CPU fan price should end here.

The best CPU Cooler Available Online

CPU Cooler NamePriceCheck Price
Ant Esports ICE-C200 V2649Check
Cooler Master Hyper T20 CPU Cooler1099Check
Cooler Master Hyper 620S ARGB CPU Cooler, Dual 120mm Fan3699Check
Deepcool AG400 LED Single Tower1949Check
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Halo Black3500Check
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Halo White3699Check
Antec A30 Pro Tower1100Check
Deepcool AK400 ZERO DARK PLUS3959Check
Ant Esports ICE Flow 240 ARGB 240mm ARGB Liquid Cooler/AIO with Display6000Check
Ant Esports ICE-360 360mm Addressable RGB 2600RPM AIO6399Check

CPU Fan Price List Offline from Nehru Place Market

The top-selling CPU fan price list of all brands is published here for this months

SNBrand Name & ModelPrice(₹)
1.Zebronics CPU Fan (A33) for Socket 775390
2.Zebronics CPU Fan with Heat Sink (for Socket 478 processor )365
3.Zalman CNPS12X CPU Cooler Fa (for Processor Socket 2011/ 1155/ 1156/ 1150/ 1366/ 775)10500
4.Zalman CNPS8000B CPU Cooler (for Processor Socket 1155, 1156, 1366, and 775)3995
5.Intel CPU Cooler Fan for Socket-LGA 1155395
6.Intel CPU Cooling Fan for Intel i-3 Processor Socket-LGA 1155420
7.Intel E33681-001 Processor Fan (F09A-12B9S2)445
8.Intel Processor cooling Fan for 775-socket495
9.Deepcool CPU Cooler (XFAN120)280
10.Deepcool CPU Processor Fan (ALTA 9)360
11.Deepcool Frostwin Processor Fan3015
12.Deepcool GAMMA ARCHER CPU Cooler (for Intel Socket 1155/1156 and LGA775)630
13.Deepcool Gammaxx 300 Processor Fan1650
14.Deepcool Neptwin Processor Fan3780
15.Deepcool Processor Cooling Fan (XFAN80)285
16.Deepcool Wind Blade 80 Cooler Fan400
17.Deepcool XFAN120 Cooler Fan280
18.Deepcool XFAN80L Processor Cooling Fan305
19.Corsair Air Series Cooler Fan ( SP120 )3150
20.Corsair H100i Processor fan (120mm, 2700 RPM)9000
21.Corsair Hydro Series H55 CPU Cooler (CW-9060010-WW)4800
22.Cooler Master 90 CFM CPU Cooler (with Green LED)1500
23.Cooler Master Blizzard CPU Fan (T2 RR-T2-22FP-R1)1410
24.Cooler Master CPU Cooler Fan (JetFlo 120)1260
25.Cooler Master DP6-9GDSB-0L-GP Processor Fan375
26.Cooler Master Hyper 212X Processor Fan3200
27.Cooler Master Hyper Processor Fan (TX3 EVO)1650
28.Cooler Master Seidon 120 V Plus Cooler4560
29.Cooler Master Silent FAN 120 SI2 Processor Cooler Fan1210
30.China Made local CPU Cooler Fan (for all type of sockets)255
31.AMD Socket-1155 Processor Fan with Heat Sink1895
CPU Fan Price List 2024

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Types of CPU Coolers

1. Air Coolers

  • What are they?
    • Air coolers consist of a large metal heatsink with fans.
    • They draw heat away from the CPU and dissipate it into the surrounding air.
  • Pros:
    • Cost-effective: Air coolers are budget-friendly.
    • Simplicity: There is no need to worry about mounting radiators or pumps.
    • Reliability: Fewer moving parts mean a lower chance of failure.
  • Cons:
    • Space: Large air coolers can take up internal space in your PC case.
    • Noise: Some air coolers can be louder than liquid coolers.
  • Notable Models:
    • Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120: Top-tier cooling performance with low noise levels, often priced around $401.

2. AIO Liquid Coolers

  • What Are They?
    • AIO coolers combine a pump, radiator, and fans.
    • They offer efficient cooling without the bulk of large air coolers.
  • Pros:
    • Performance: Excellent heat dissipation for high-end CPUs.
    • Compact: Ideal for small form factor (SFF) builds.
    • Quiet: AIOs often run silently under load.
  • Cons:
    • Cost: Prices vary, but AIOs are becoming more affordable.
    • Installation: Mounting can be tricky for beginners.
  • Notable Models:
    • Explore our Best AIO Coolers page for a wider range of options.

Choosing the Right Cooler

  • Budget Considerations:
    • Air coolers are generally cheaper, while AIOs offer more features.
  • Space Constraints:
    • Air coolers need vertical clearance, affecting case compatibility.
    • AIOs are compact and fit various setups.
  • Performance Goals:
    • Overclocking? Opt for efficient cooling solutions.
    • Silent operation? Choose wisely to minimize fan noise.


The best CPU cooler for your system depends on your needs. Whether you’re rocking a sleek air cooler or a liquid AIO, remember that proper cooling ensures longevity and optimal performance. So, go forth and keep those temps in check! 🌡️💨

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