Facebook Closed in automatic facial recognition, to erase over 1 billion stored faces

Facebook says it needs to weigh the active use of facial recognition against growing social concerns.

Key Points : 

  • Facebook will erase more than a billion people’s individual facial recognition templates.
  • Facebook closed automatic face recognition technology.
  • Company says that it will no longer automatically detect people in photos and videos.

Surprisingly, Facebook has shut down an automatic facial recognition system that works with facial recognition. The system detects the person in the photo based on the face you are looking at. This means that people who choose the face tag system will not be automatically recognized in photos and videos. There is no way to turn it back on. Even more interesting is Facebook’s removal of facial recognition templates for over a billion individuals.

“We need to weigh the active use of facial recognition against growing social concerns, especially as regulators need to provide clear rules,” Facebook said.

“This change represents one of the biggest changes in the use of facial recognition in the history of technology. Facebook said in a statement,” More than one-third of Facebook’s daily active users are our faces. We have opted in to the recognition settings and can recognize them. Removing them removes over a billion individual facial recognition templates. ” Users will continue to manually tag posts, but the automated process will no longer run, and the automated text alternatives that create a description of the image of the visually impaired will include the person’s name in the photo. Will increase.

These changes will be made in the “future” weeks. “” Facebook says it sees facial recognition technology as a powerful tool and supports products such as privacy, transparency and control to help users decide how to use their faces. He said the company will continue to work on these technologies and hire outside experts.