Gaming PC Build Under ₹5000 | Best CPU Build Ever

Hello everyone! We’re taking on an extremely difficult task today: A gaming PC build under ₹5000. A common man can easily buy it and use it for multitasking, designing, and some gaming. We created a computer that is affordable to the average person, and it costs less than Rs 5,000. So let’s start without any delay.

Gaming PC Build Under ₹5000

Required Parts

  • CPU : Intel Quad core Q9500 2.83 GHz 4 Cores 4 Threads 6MB Smart Cache
  • Motherboard : Zebronics ZEB-G41 Motherboard
  • Ram : Consistent DDR2 1600MHz 4 GB
  • ROM : Consistent SSD 128GB
  • Cabinet : Foxin Cpu Cabinet and PSU
  • SMPS : Included in Cabinet

Important Points

If you only have ₹5,000 to work with, you may want to compromise performance. But if you are able to spend more than your budget, you can increase your overall performance and usability. Here are some points to help you do it.

  • GPU :  Use a Average GPU to increase system capabilities and CPU load balancing.
  • Ram : If you want to do a heavy multitasking than you can easily go through increase system Ram storage.
  • MINI PC : If you are not aware with PC build than MINI PC is first choice.
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