Gmail for the Web has some new features to make your mailing easier and faster

Gmail for the Web adds several new features that help employees and organizations quickly edit and send email to their intended recipients. Most of the changes are related to the email writer for the Gmail for web application. It includes a new context menu that shows the recipient’s full name and details, a recipient’s avatar chip, and a new check when the user is added outside the contact or organization.

The search giant has also introduced a new visual indicator for adding users as recipients. The latest features are available in all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business clients. Google has announced the release of a new Gmail feature for the web through a blog post. This improvement allows users to connect with colleagues and stakeholders quickly and confidently, he says. In a number of updates,

Google has added a context menu that allows users to view the full name of a contact and copy their email address. Users can now decide how to display their contacts in emails to other recipients. For example, if you save your contacts as a project manager, you can choose a different name that will be visible to other users who receive your email. This change applies only to email addresses and does not change the contact’s name in the contact list.

With the latest update, recipients will have an avatar chip that they add when composing an email. This helps identify who was added. Gmail web users can access their information card by scrolling through the recipient’s slides or by selecting Alt / Option → Keyboard Shortcuts.

When a business user sends an email to someone outside the organization with whom they have previously interacted, the contact’s name appears in yellow. However, if you post a new external contact as a recipient, it will be highlighted with an avatar outside your organization and a warning banner.

Different domain names within the same organization will no longer be externally marked with the latest updates. Google uses the domains @ and @ as examples. The former user will not appear outside your organization if added to an email from a @ user. There is also the ability to avoid double receivers. If new recipients are included, do not add the same name to multiple fields such as To or CC, as the name already added is eligible.

According to Google, Gmail automatically removes duplicate entries in the same field as you move mail between the To, CC, and Bcc fields. Gmail now quickly verifies that your email address is spelled correctly. Otherwise, these entries will not be converted to recipient chips. Gmail also sends an error message to warn the user to fix the error before sending the email. New features in Gmail for Web will be released on Wednesday, October 20, and will be available in all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business clients.

Note : Users with a personal Google account will not have access to recently announced features.