Intel i3 Processor Price in India

    Prices for Intel i3 processors start at Rs. 1,740 in the Indian market.

    Intel i3 Processors is famous for their quality and high performance with low budget cost. And from the last several years, it has remained the first choice of Indians.

    Intel i3 Processor Price

    How are you guys? Today we will go into detail about all the Intel i3 processors and also check their prices. Let’s start with today’s topic. Latest Intel i3 Processor Price, Specification, and Review.

    Intel i3 Processor Price

    1. Intel Core i3-12100F 12th Generation Processor – ₹9,399
    2. Intel Core I3-12100 12th Gen Desktop Processor – ₹11,299
    3. Intel Core I3-10105 10th Generation Desktop Processor – ₹10,149
    4. Intel Core I3-10105F 10th Gen Processor – ₹6,940
    5. Intel Core i3-9100F 9th Gen Desktop Processor – ₹8,695600
    6. Intel Core I3-9350KF 9th Gen Desktop Processor – ₹6,599
    7. Intel Core I3-8100 8th Gen Desktop Processor – ₹10,600
    8. Intel Core i3-7100 7th Generation Desktop Processor – ₹8653
    9. Intel Core i3-6100 6th Generation Desktop Processor – ₹6,990
    10. Intel Core i3-4150 4th Generation Desktop Processor – ₹4,220
    11. Intel Core i3-4170 4th Generation Desktop Processor – ₹3,950
    12. Intel Core i3-3220 3rd Generation Desktop Processor – ₹1,740
    How much does an i3 processor cost?

    Intel i3 Processor cost is depends on its model. But the prices of the processor is starting from ₹1,740 and goes to ₹12,600.

    Which Intel i3 processor is best?

    Intel Core i3 12100 12th gen is best for multitasking and low end gaming. Core i3 10th gen is best for Zoom meetings and office works.

    Is i3 better or i5 or i7?

    Intel core i3 is entry level processor from Intel. It is used for multitasking and office works. Core i5 is middle level and a capable processor in both gaming and smooth multitasking. Core i7 is used for heavy gaming and heavy graphics works like professional photo and video editors.

    Is i3 still a good processor?

    Yes, Core i3 is absolutely a good processor for students and office works people due to its budget price and decent performance.

    How price is core i3 intel board and processor?

    Combination of Intel core i3 Processor and Motherboard is starting from Rs. 3,320 only.