According to a Lenovo new laptop patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Lenovo appears to be working on something unique that will meet the needs of laptop and tablet users. The company unveiled a new laptop design suitable for a full tablet.

The tablet appears to be part of the box, and the chassis doesn’t just serve as storage space for the hardware. Under the patent plans, Lenovo presents it as a business-centric enterprise device, but the use of laptops and tablets can be huge.

According to the patent images, the Lenovo laptop has a rectangular screen with a keyboard in the front. However, what makes it unique is the notch on the screen the tablet sits on. While we don’t know how much space the tablet has, it definitely makes this tablet a unique proposition.


One of the images shows that the tablet can be detached from the laptop and used as a separate device for taking notes during meetings on the laptop. The patent application was resubmitted in June 2022 and approved on December 30, 2021.

The specification states: “A system that can contain a tablet; It is a foldable computer with a keyboard, display cover, and hinge assembly that connects the keyboard and monitor in a circular motion. The tablet compartment, in which the tablet can be moved, is located between the side of the screen and the back.

With the design still pending patents, there’s no telling whether the company will release such a device to market, but we can only hope the design becomes a commercial product.