Motorola Moto Edge X30 Officially Teased under Display Camera

This morning Motorola Moto Edge X30 officially teased, a Snapdragon 8 gen 1 person, posted in a lively photo by GM Motorola, which shows that the Moto smartphone has a great camera.

Motorola, CEO of Chen Jin, published the following text:

Moto Edge X30 Officially Teased 1

At the same time, the official Weibo identifier for the new Motorola Teaser was released.

Moto Edge X30 Officially Teased weibo

This also refers to the rear camera which is supposed to reach the edge of the Moto X30. The “special phone version” has an additional camera, but we’re not sure about one (and not how many copies it might). Sharper images are obtained with the 60MP selfie camera.

So far, we know that the Moto-Edge Edge is powered by Snapdragon 8nm Snapdragon 8, which was recently announced. Subsequently, other reports show that the 50MB double-sided cameras (ultra-wide use), 2-megapixel depth sensor. See the recent intimidation that the phone has 5000mA batteries and supports 68W charging. The new models are announced on December 9th at Motorola.

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