Old Used RAM Price in Nehru Place, Delhi – Second hand RAM Prices 2024

Old used RAM prices in Nehru Place, Delhi, and dealers of second-hand RAM are published here for this year. A complete price list of old RAM dealers, used RAM, and second-hand RAM with the best offers is given here.

Is used RAM worth buying or not?

Condition 1 : Used RAM could have problems or it could be from an old system
So if you ever get it. If you want to buy it than,

Run an extended memtest86 at least 10 times.
This will take ages, but if it passes the RAM should be good to use safely or not.

Condition 2 : It depends on how well the other user takes care of the RAM. As a result, the RAM used is further degraded, increasing the chances of being exposed to static, which negatively affects the RAM and can shorten its life. So, if you do something hard to reduce static electricity when you are driving, that is a good thing.

Final Words: It does not matter how a used ram is handled. But you should check all parameters to see if they are in good condition. There are many software programs available on the market to check the speed and performance of used RAM.

Used Ram Prices

The list of RAM prices has been shared with RAM dealers and shops at Nehru Place, Delhi, which offer the following prices, as shown below:

Model NameSpecificationsPriceSeller Name and Mob.
Kingston Technology 4GBKingston Technology (KT) 4GB DDR4 (2133 Mhz) RAM1000First Infosol
Kingston 8GB DDR4Kingston Technology (KT) 8GB DDR4 (2133 Mhz) RAM3500Avika Retails
CRUCIALCRUCIAL 4GB DDR3 (16 chip)1180First Infosol
OLD Used RAMKingston: 1 GB DDR3 memory, ok condition300Tyagi Computers
Kingston 4GBGreat Deal: Second Hand RAM, 4 GB DDR3, Kingston Laptop old RAM1300Noor Info
SimtronixSimtronix used second-hand RAM: 4 GB DDR3; good condition1400Expert Technology
Second-hand RAMUsed RAM: 1GB DDR-1 Simtronix; old used laptop RAM; good working condition1100S.K. Enterprises
Simtronix 4GBSimtronix Second Hand RAM, 4 GB DDR3, Only 50 number left1200Mashiva Tech
011 40450999
Kingston Used RAMSecond Hand RAM – 1 GB DDR3 – very less used250Expert Technology
Kingston Laptop RAMSecond-hand RAM: 4 GB DDR3 on a Kingston laptop, old RAM1100S.K. Enterprises
Sintronix 1 GBOLD Used RAM – 1 GB DDR2 Memory – Good working condition – check with PC-Tools350Tyagi Computers
Transcend 4GB used RAMTranscend 4GB Laptop RAM (used)1400Noor Info
Transcend 4GB used RAM(Transcend 4GB Desktop RAM, DIMM, second hand)13002nd Systems Computers
Simtronix RAM1GB DDR-1 Simtronix, old used laptop RAM, good working condition350Realtech Info
Simtronix 512 MBSecond-hand RAM: SIMTRONIX 512 MB DDR1 for PC, good condition, currently working, testing Testing Warranty of one week (Quantity: -5 Nos.)200Web Entertainment
Second-hand RAMGreat Deal: Second Hand RAM DDR2 512 MB (RAM working in old DELL systems ) Great Condition: (Quantity Available: 100 Nos.) Testing Warranty of 1 Week200Pronet Systems
Simtronix DDR1512 MB DDR-1 Used RAM Simtronix Laptop RAM – Okay condition – Testing warranty 2 weeks – Quantity 10 Nos225Leaf Infosystem
Refurbished RAMRefurbished RAM: 512 MB (DDR2) Excellent condition with warranty175Noor Info
Adata 4GBAdata 4GB old RAM1200
Adata 8GBAdata 8GB used RAM (currently in warranty)2800
Hynix 4GBHynix 4 GB DDR3 HYNIX LAPTOP RAM (in Warranty)1500
Used RAM Price in Nehru Place, Delhi

The above offers are for a limited time while the demand for old RAM and storage space is very high, so hurry up and buy these items if any of you like them.

The prices above are subject to change by the seller or offer maker and are valid only if the particular second-hand RAM is available in stock.

If any dealer wants to contact us about used RAM, visit our contact page. Thankyou

How can I check what kind of RAM my computer uses?

In Windows 10, on the Cortana search bar next to the Windows Start icon, type “System Information” and click on the application at the top. Then click on “Components,” then click on “Memory.”.

Or turn off your computer and open up the back, and the memory will be the only thing you can easily remove, as it’s meant to be removed and replaced for upgrading or repairing.


On Windows 10,

  1. Locate the task manager.
  2. Go to the performance tab.
  3. On the left pane, select memory.
  4. At the top right, you will be able to see the size of the RAM, like 1, 2, and 3 GB. And type (DDR3, DDR4).
  5. At the bottom right, you will see:
  • slots used.
  • speed.
  • Form Factor
  • etc.

In Windows 7/8, use CPU-Z to get the status of your RAM.

Used Ram

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