OPPO Working on 150W Fast Charging and coming very soon

In recent years, Android makers in particular have made significant improvements to the charging capacity. Oppo and Xiaomi are at the forefront. The Oppo VOOK fast charging technology always offers excellent charging speed and great stability.

Oppo has recently taken another step forward in fast charging. Today, DCS says the fast 150-watt Oppo is on the way and won’t last long. The Oppo, OnePlus and Reelmi phones will reportedly use 150-watt fast charging. Fast charging from 150 watts

Oppo is currently testing the 10A data cable and system charger. This means that the Oppos 150 watt fast charging technology has gradually matured. Although the Oppo’s 150 watts are on the go, that doesn’t mean it will be immediately available. Based on the DCS results, the next wave of new Oppo and OnePlus phones will use 65-watt and 80-watt fast charging.

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Currently, the fast charging speed of mobile phones has exceeded 100 watts. Indeed, it is currently 120 watts, but it is clear that not all manufacturers have used this fast charging technology. Oppo is now on track to set a new fast charging record in the smartphone industry. There are reports that Xiaomi is working with a fast charging capacity of 200W.

For example, looking at the iQOO 5 Pro, the iQOO uses a medium voltage charge pump design to achieve ultra-fast charging. This input voltage to the battery can be half the charge voltage and convert the high voltage and low current alternating current into the low and high voltage required by the battery. This setting greatly increases the overall upload speed. Additionally, by upgrading the IC pump solution, the iQOO achieved a load capacity of 120 watts (20 volts / 6 amps).

This allows the technology to achieve the maximum voltage and current specified by the Type C port. In addition, it has an energy conversion efficiency of up to 97%. Both stages are charged at 6 ° C, which greatly improves the charging speed. In short, by upgrading the charging pump chip and battery solution, the 150W fast charging technology updates the charging speed record. We’re still not sure who will be the first to bring 150 watt fast charging to the market, we’ll have to wait and see.

Source/VIA :DCS