Latest Projector Price in Nehru Place, Delhi 2024

Complete Price list of latest Projector Price in Nehru Place & Best offers on LED Projectors in Nehru Place, Delhi

Price List of Projectors/Led Projectors is published here for 2021

Projector/Led Projector Price in Nehru Place

S.N.Brand & ModelSpecificationsUnit PricePrice Offered by
2.OPTOMA – HD28e Full HD Home EntertainmentHD28E Full HD Home Entertainment Home Cinema Projector65000– do –
3.Epson – V11H670040Projection Technology: RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system (3LCD), White Light Output (Normal/Eco): 3,400lm / 1,900lm, Output: 3,400lm, Digital Input: HDMI; 181899– do –
4.EPSON – ebs 41epson ebs 41 projector EB-S41 Business Projector266003ds Systems Pvt Ltd
5.EPSON – EB-2247U Business ProjectorEB-2247U Business Projector 4200 Lumens, WUXGA , VGAx2, HDMI,AV I/P96679Mashiva Tech.
6.EPSON – EB-S41Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector Brightness: 3300lm with HDMI Port26700S.K. Enterprises
7.EPSON – EB-2247U Business ProjectorEB-2247U Business Projector 4200 Lumens, WUXGA , VGAx2, HDMI,AV I/P96679Mashiva Tech.
8.EPSON – EB-2142W Business ProjectorEB-2142W Business Projector71408– do –
9.EPSON – EB-2042 Business ProjectorEB-2042 Business Projector 4400 Lumens, XGA , VGAx2, HDMI,AV I/P63078– do –
10.EPSON – EB-990U Business ProjectorEB-990U Business Projector 3800 Lumens, WUXGA , VGAx2, HDMI,AV I/P75391– do –
11.EPSON – EB-980W Business ProjectorEB-980W Business Projector 3800 Lumens, WXGA , VGAx2, HDMI,AV I/P49991– do –
12.EPSON – EB-970 Business ProjectorEB-970 Business Projector 4000 Lumens, XGA , VGAx2, HDMI,AV I/P47933– do –
13.EPSON – EB-536Wi Business ProjectorEB-536Wi Business Projector 3400 Lumens, WXGA , VGAx2, HDMI,AV I/P59057– do –
14.EPSON – EB-535W Business ProjectorEB-535W Business Projector 3400 Lumens, WXGA , VGAx2, HDMI,AV I/P59283– do –
15.EPSON – EB-530 Business ProjectorEB-530 Business Projector 3200 Lumens, XGA , VGAx2, HDMI,AV I/P37839– do –
16.EPSON – EB-1795F Business ProjectorEB-1795F Business Projector 3200 Lumens, Full HD, HDMI, Video, Audio I/P, Wi-fi, Miracast 2 Years, 1000hrs/ 1 year On Lamp58675– do –
17.EPSON – EB-U05 Business ProjectorEB-U05 Business Projector 3400 Lumens, WUXGA , VGA, HDMI (2), Video, Audio I/P 2 Years, 1000hrs/ 1 year On Lamp46238– do –
18.EPSON – EB-W05 Business ProjectorEB-W05 Business Projector 3300 Lumens, WXGA , VGA, HDMI, Video, Audio I/P34866– do –
19.EPSON – EB-X41 Business ProjectorEB-X41 Business Projector 3600 Lumens, XGA , VGA, HDMI, Video, Audio I/P 2 Years, 1000hrs/ 1 year On Lamp 28% gst APPLICABLE33005– do –
20.EPSON – EB-X05 Business ProjectorEB-X05 Business Projector 3300 Lumens, XGA , VGA, HDMI, Video, Audio I/P28687– do –
21.EPSON – EB-S41 Business ProjectorEB-S41 Business Projector 3300 Lumens, SVGA , VGA, HDMI, Video, Audio I/P23000– do –
22.Nec – NP-V260GThe NEC V260 is designed to provide higher brightness for meeting and conference rooms that have heavy ambient light but require a small projector. These lightweight mobile models are 3D Ready and include a 7W speaker, closed captioning and NEC’s Virtual Remote control software. Their VIDI technology, a Philips innovation designed to work in conjunction with the color wheel, uses a brilliant pulse to increase the brightness of the image and a dark pulse to increase the contrast ratio.9000Digital Minds
23.Epson – EB-X05WIDEN YOUR VIEW. STRETCH YOUR DOLLAR. Ideal for the meeting and huddle rooms, the affordable Epson EB-X05 projector is a multi-functional, packed with features and the perfect choice to present true-to-life images. Captivating presentations are now possible with stunning colour and white brightness of up to 3,300 lumens to ensure crystal clear images. The intuitive home screen puts all commonly used functions together for easy selection. White and Colour Brightness at 3,300lm XGA resolution High contrast ratio of 15,000:1 Horizontal keystone slider 10,000 hours lamp life in eco-mode30000– do –
24.EPSON – EBS 4122100 gst22100Mashiva Tech.
25.EPSON – EB S41EPSON EB S41 PROJECTOR22100– do –
26.EPSON – EB-S41EPSON EB-S41 PROJECTOR PRICE @ 2220022200Panacea
27.EPSON – EPSON EB-S31EPSON EB-S31.22300– do –
28.Epson – Epson EB-S41Epson EB-S4122400A Macbook Repair
29.EPSON – Epson EB-S41Epson EB-S41 3200 / SVGA22500Sanchi Infotech
30.EPSON – Epson EB-X41Epson EB-X41 3200 / XGA32000– do –
31.EPSON – EB W10Epson EB-W10 Projector (2600 ANSI Lumens – Dual Brightness)61500Topnet Infotech
32.Toshiba – NPX10AToshiba NPX10A HDMI – Pixels DLP 1024×768 Projector26850– do –
33.NEC – NP VE280GNEC NP-VE280G – Pixels DLP 800×600 Projector26300– do –
34.SONY – VPL-EX175Sony VPL-EX175 Projector (XGA – 3600 ANSI Lumens)79000Tyagi Computers
35.SONY – VPL-W130Sony VPL-W130 Projector (XGA – 3600 ANSI Lumens)56000– do –
36.SONY – VPL-SX125Sony VPL-SX125 Projector (XGA – 2500 ANSI Lumens)62000– do –
37.VIEWSONIC – PJD5122ViewSonic PJD5122 Projector (SVGA – 2700 Lumens)29900– do –
38.DELL – 1610 HDDell 1610HD Projector – HD DLP 3500 Lumens60000Gama Infocom
39.EPSON – EB X10Epson EB-X10 Projector (2600 ANSI Lumens – Dual Brightness)45500– do –
40.EPSON – EB X9Epson EB-X9Projector (2500 ANSI Lumens – Dual Brightness)36500– do –
41.SONY – VPL-FX30Sony VPL-FX30 Projector (XGA – 4200 ANSI Lumens)209000– do –
42.SONY – VPL-DX15Sony VPL-DX15 Projector (XGA – 3000 ANSI Lumens)109500– do –
43.BenQ – MX520BenQ MX520 Projector42500Webint Tech.
44.SHARP – LS2000PG-LS2000 Projector – SVGA 800 x 600 (2800 Lumens)25500– do –
45.BenQ – MS 502BenQ MS-502 Projector (2700 Lumens)25500– do –
46.DELL – S-500Dell S-500 Projector – DLP 3200 Lumens95500– do –
47.BenQ – SH910BenQ SH910 4000 Lumens Projector179000First Infosol
48.PANASONIC – PT- LX30H XGAPanasonic PT- LX30H XGA Projector52500– do –
49.PANASONIC – PT-LX22Panasonic PT-LX22 DLP Projector (2200 ANSI Lumens)30900– do –
50.LG – BE320LG BE-320 Projector – 2700 ANSI Lumens28000– do –
Projector/Led Projector Price in Nehru Place
51.DELL – 1510xDell 1510x Projector 2500 Lumens – SVGA52000Rahul Infotech
52.DELL – 1410xDell 1410x Projector 2700 Lumens – XGA36800– do –
53.DELL – 1210sDell 1210s Projector 2500 Lumens – SVGA28000– do –
54.EPSON – EB S11Epson EB S11 Projector31900– do –
55.EPSON – EB S-9Epson EB-S9 Projector (2500 ANSI Lumens)29800Leaf Infotech
56.EPSON – EB 905Epson EB-905 Projector (3000 ANSI Lumens – Dual Brightness)82900– do –
57.EPSON – EB 1725Epson EB-905 Projector (3000 ANSI Lumens – Dual Brightness)107500– do –
Projector/Led Projector Price in Nehru Place

(FAQ) Often asked questions on buying a brand new Projector.

Right here are our answers to some of the maximum normally asked questions about buying a brand new projector.

What are lumens in a projector?

Lumens are an crucial thing to decide the specifications of a projector. The greater lumens a projector produces, the brighter is the image high-quality despite how dark the room is.

What number of lumens should a projector for the home have?

If you are searching out a budget-pleasant projector, you could go for approximately 2,000 lumens of projection brightness or above. If you could increase your budget barely, a projection brightness of 3,000 lumens is outstanding to go with.

A projector or TV, which one is best?

A projector is good for optimizing the price of your screen, building an immersive experience, and having the appeal of jaw-dropping size. A TV is brighter, and has a simple input/output situation, and also doesn’t have any bulbs to burn out.

What are the uses of a projector?

Projectors have become commonly used equipment for offices, schools, seminars, and home theatres. They help in projecting high-quality images, videos, and slides on a larger screen. They are widely used in classrooms. Plus, people often use them in homes for watching movies and sporting events with family. Projectors also help in delivering high-quality video presentations before a mass audience.

Go to find Your best Projector for home and office?

We hope we narrowed down your look for the first-rate projector screen. despite the fact that we have picked those projectors after tremendous product evaluation and feature pass-checked the information referred to above, we do no longer take any duty for any harm or performance blunders that you could face.
recollect to do your own significant studies to make an informed decision. usually ensure to cross-test the specifications as there are numerous upgrades in technological models occasionally.

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