PUBG New State anti-cheat system update has been Rolled out for Android

After the release of PUBG New State, many gamers soon started using rogue third-party software to cheat. As with any other shooter game, within a month of starting, players felt frustrated by the cheat. Krafton has started reducing fraud by rolling out a new anti-fraud update for PUBG New State.

This update is currently available on Android and will be released soon for iOS. Android users will need to download the new update to run the game. Players who download this update will receive three Chicken Medals which can be claimed in the PUBG New State Post section. Krafton also released a statement describing his he approach to escalating PUBG New State fraud.

The developer has implemented advanced measures to detect unauthorized third party applications in real time. It also looks for potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited to develop advanced third-party fraud. Krafton will release further updates next week to identify and restrict unauthorized applications. Like other multiplayer games, Krafton needs to develop an anti-cheat approach over time.

Even after the game is banned, PUBG New State players can create new accounts and use various cheat methods. As the anti-fraud team finds a way to identify and limit these rogue programs, the developers and vendors of these tools continue to find new ways to bypass anti-fraud systems. The only solution to this problem is to find the type of vulnerability that can be exploited and fix them as soon as possible.