Realme 9i expected to global launch in January 2022: Leaks

Realme is preparing to launch its next line of smartphones, the Realme 9 series (Realme 9i). The company confirmed the arrival of the series in early 2022 during the launch of Realme 8s and Realme 8i.

The product line is expected to include four models, including Realme 9, Realme 9i, Realme 9 Pro and Realme 9 Max / Pro.

We also expect the company to host two launch events for the full launch of the Realme 9 series phones. Chun has shown for now that Realme 9i is expected to be the first 9-reel series smartphone to hit the market next January, and Realme 9 and Realme 9 Pro will be available later due to chip shortages. The release date of Realme 9i is not yet known.

The company has also not yet confirmed any details on the launch of this device. We can expect more details or leaks on this device in the coming weeks. The Pixel report mentioned in the tweet also states that the Realme 9i is expected to have a 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen with HD resolution.

Realme 9i specifications (expected)

Like all Realme phones in its price range, this unit may have a perforated display in the upper left corner. The MediaTek chipset is expected to include the Helio G90T, which is taller than its predecessor, the Helio G88 in the Realme 8i.

Additionally, the smartphone can be equipped with up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage with a 5000mAh battery. Visually, this smartphone can be supplied with a 32-megapixel front camera. On the back there may be a 64-megapixel 8-megapixel and 2-megapixel 2-megapixel quad camera module. Not all specifications have been confirmed yet, so we recommend consuming this information with some salt.

Riley hasn’t announced any announcements for any of Riley’s Series 9 smartphones yet. The best model in the range, known as the Realme 9 Pro, comes with the Snapdragon 870 SoC, which launched earlier this year and is said to also support 5G connectivity. On the other hand, like Realme 8 Pro, Realme 9 Pro should have quad camera configurations with a resolution of 108 megapixels.

More details about the Realme 9 series smartphones are likely to be revealed online ahead of the phones official launch, which is expected to take place in January. By then we expect more clarity on all phones, so stay tuned.