Realme Book confirmed to launch with 12th Gen Intel Core H processor

Realme recently confirmed that the next generation of Realme Book laptops will use the recently introduced 12th Gen Intel Core H processors. The new Realme Book will be one of the first laptops to use the new chipset. Intel unveiled the latest 12th generation Intel H series notebooks at CES 2022.

Realme did not provide further details on the next generation Realme Book, but this notebook is expected to be more powerful than the current version. It also offers better gaming performance thanks to the 12th generation of new Intel Core processors. At CES 2022, Intel unveiled a number of new twelfth generation chips.

Intel has announced eight new H-series processors, as well as detailed specifications for its new P / U-series processors, designed specifically for ultra-thin and light mobile devices. Realme has not confirmed which 12th generation Intel processors will be used in the next generation Realme Book.

Realme Book and 12th Gen Intel Core H processor

We believe Realme can use the P and U chipsets that come with Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics. The current Realme Book also has a mid-range Intel Core chipset with integrated graphics. The new H-series chipset uses a new hybrid processor and Intel 7 processor node that offers up to 40% more performance.

The best chipset in the H series, the Intel Core i9-12900HK, is considered the new champion among gaming laptops. Since the Realme Book is more of an ultrabook, we don’t think it uses the H-series chipset. However, we could be wrong.

Realme also recently released a new improved version of Realme Book in China. The updated laptop comes with the 11th generation Intel Core i5H Willow Cove processor and has better cooling performance. The new chipset delivers up to 21.7% faster single-core performance and up to 9.6% faster single-core performance.