Realme Buds Q2s launched | Price, Specs and Availability

Realme has launched a new pair of new TWS earbuds in China called Realme Buds Q2S alongside the Realme V25 smartphone. Q2S is the beginning of the buttons that started last year, Q2 is successful. The latest Realme headphones offer special features for this pricing [e.g. :]10nm driver, low latency game mode, Bluetooth 5.2 connection, etc. Here’s everything you need to know about the last peaks.

Realme Buds Q2s Price and Availability

RMB 149 today (about RS 2400), you can take several Realme-top Q2S in China. However, there is no information on availability or pricing outside of China. Bud Q2 is available in three colors: white, leaf green and black.

Realme Buds Q2s Specs and Features

The Realme Buds Q2 are powered by a 10nm Bass Boost motor with a TPU polymer diaphragm and are equipped with Bass Boost + optimization. The headset provides 88ms delay when used in low latency gaming mode. TWS earbuds support AAC and AI ENC audio codecs to reduce ambient noise during a call. The latest earbuds use Bluetooth 5.2 to connect realme.

Buyers can use the Reil-Link Companion program to add Q2 gems to their smartphone. The associated app also offers various mounting options for the headphones. F2S You can create music or avoid music or change the path you can make music or avoid music. You can also use the capacitive tactile area to use your digital acoustic assistant. This pair is characterized by IPX4 resistant headphones to protect themselves from water patches as well as sweats.

For the battery, Realme Q2S-BUD is a 40 hour battery for 5 hours for 5 hours of battery life for 5 hours per hour. At the same time, the housing includes a battery of 480 mAh and promise to offer a total battery life for up to 30 hours. Realme Buds Q2s supports fast delivery. There is a company that claims 10 minutes will squeeze for 3 hours.