All Software Prices in Nehru Place Market, Delhi 2024(updated)

Nehru Place Market in Delhi holds a special place in the heart of the IT industry. It is considered the hub of all things tech-related and is the largest IT market in India. From computers to laptops, accessories to software, Nehru Place has it all.

All Software Prices
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In this tech article, we will be discussing the latest prices for various software available in Nehru Place Market. Whether you are looking for an operating system, productivity software, graphic design software or antivirus, we have got you covered.

The purpose of this article is to help you stay updated with the latest software prices in Nehru Place, Delhi. With the constant updates and changes in the tech industry, it is important to know the prices before making any purchase.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of software prices in Nehru Place Market, Delhi 2023. We promise to provide you with engaging and informative content throughout the blog. Happy reading!

Operating System (OS)

Welcome to Nehru Place, the biggest IT hub in India. Nehru Place is home to a plethora of hardware and software dealers. In this section, we’ll be discussing the operating system (OS) and the latest software price in Nehru Place.

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro and Microsoft Windows 10 Pro are trending nowadays. The authorized reseller of Microsoft products at Nehru Place offers Windows 11 Pro at a reasonable price of INR 11000 and Windows 10 Pro at INR 11900. A crucial point to keep in mind is that the authorized resellers provide legitimate versions of the software that come with a warranty and free installation.

Apart from Windows, Nehru Place also provides various OS options for Mac and Linux users. Various dealers at Nehru Place cater to the specific needs of Mac and Linux users, providing them with OS options like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, and Manjaro.

Before purchasing any software, it is crucial to consider factors such as compatibility, usability, and security. If you’re not sure about the software you need, the dealers at Nehru Place provide expert advice to help you choose the best option.

SNOperating System 2023Price (₹)Seller
1Microsoft Windows 11 Pro11,000Panacea
2Microsoft Windows 11 Pro Single License5,5003DS Systems Pvt Ltd
3Microsoft Windows 11 Home10,379Microsoft Online Store
4Microsoft Windows 10 Pro8,800Panacea
5Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Single License5,000Mashiva Tech
6Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 1 PC7,299N.J Infotech
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8Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64-Bit | FPP | USB 3.05,100RKP Retail
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In short, Nehru Place provides a one-stop destination for all your OS needs. Whether you are looking for Microsoft Windows or OS for Mac and Linux, Nehru Place has got you covered. So, the next time you’re on the lookout for an operating system, be sure to check Nehru Place for the best deals on the latest software.

Productivity Software

If you are looking for software to increase work productivity, Nehru Place Market offers a wide range of options. One of the most popular software products for productivity is Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 Lifetime. It includes all the standard applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, making it an invaluable tool for office workers.

Office Tools

SNOffice ToolsPrice (₹)Seller
1Microsoft 365 Family: 1 Year, 6 People 4,850Nixon Technologies
2Microsoft Office 365 Business5,600Mashiva Tech
3Microsoft Office 202128,000Panacea
4Microsoft Office 202023,200Mashiva Tech
5Microsoft Office 201919,250

Another popular option is Microsoft 365 Apps for Business, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and more. It is available with a yearly subscription, making it ideal for businesses that require the latest versions of these applications.

For personal use, Microsoft 365 Family 12-month Subscription is a great choice. It includes all the apps available in Microsoft 365 Apps for Business but with a subscription that can be shared among six family members.

Accounting Software

If you are looking for accounting software, BUSY Accounting Software is highly recommended.

SNAccounting SoftwarePrice (₹)Seller
1BUSY 2021 8,800Panacea
2BUSY 20218,800Mashiva Tech
3BUSY Basic9,000Nixon Technologies
4BUSY BASIC BS186,500NehruPlaceMall
5BUSY Standard SS1811,050
6Tally Prime 2.017,500AVS Infomedia
7Tally ERP16,900Priyanka Computer
8Tally Prime Silver16,000Nixon Technologies

Graphic designing software

Now, let’s talk about the most creative software tools for all the design enthusiasts out there. Nehru Place Market offers a wide range of graphic designing software that can help you take your designing game to the next level.

SNGraphic designing softwarePrice (₹)Seller
1CorelDraw Graphic Suite 2021 78,800Panacea
2CorelDraw Graphic Suite 201948,800Mashiva Tech
3Adobe Photoshop CC 202132,000Panacea
4Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 : Teams30,500Mashiva Tech
5Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 : Teams32,050
6Adobe Illustrator CC 202132,000Panacea

First on the list is CorelDRAW 2021, a popular vector graphics editor for Windows users. CorelDRAW 2021 offers an impressive set of tools and features, making it an excellent choice for creating professional-level designs. With this tool, you can create logos, brochures, business cards, and other design elements with ease.

Next on the list is Adobe Photoshop CC 2021, a name that needs no introduction. This image editing software has been around for over three decades, and it continues to be one of the most popular graphic designing software options out there. With Adobe Photoshop CC 2021, you can edit images, create 3D artwork, and do so much more.

Finally, we have Adobe Illustrator CC 2021, a vector graphics editing tool that lets you create logos, icons, typography, and complex illustrations with ease. Its user-friendly interface and advanced set of tools make it a top choice among professional graphic designers.

All these software tools are available in Nehru Place Market at reasonable prices, making it the go-to destination for creative minds.

So, get your hands on these software tools, unleash your creativity, and bring your imagination to life! Don’t forget to bargain for the best deal.

Antivirus Software

In today’s digital age, protecting our devices from viruses and malware is of utmost importance. In Nehru Place market, you can find a plethora of reliable antivirus software at affordable prices. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular antivirus software available in the market right now.

SNGraphic designing softwarePrice (₹)Seller
1 McAfee Total Protection 2023 | 3 Devices | 1 Year 1,500Panacea
2 McAfee Total Protection 2023 | 1 Device | 3 Years1,500Panacea
3 McAfee Total Protection 2023 | 1 Device | 3 Years1,450Mashiva Tech
4 McAfee Total Protection 2022 | 1 Device | 3 Years1,300Mashiva Tech
5K7 Security Infiniti Antivirus 20233,3003DS Systems Pvt Ltd
6K7 Ultimate Security Infiniti Antivirus 2023 | Lifetime Validity, 5 Devices2,999K7 Computing Pvt Ltd.
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7Quick Heal Total Security Gold| 1 Device | 3 Years1,450Panacea
8McAfee | Antivirus | 1 User | 3 Years | Email Delivery630Arham World
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9Kaspersky | Anti-Virus | 1 User | 1 Year | Email Delivery232Arham World
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10Bitdefender – 1 Computer,1 Year – Antivirus Plus115Techezy
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First up, we have McAfee Total Protection 2023 which provides antivirus and internet security across all your devices. With features like password manager and parental controls, this software is a great option for families. K7 Security Infiniti Antivirus 2023 is another excellent antivirus software that provides complete threat protection, data backup, and mobile protection. If you’re looking for something less expensive, Quick Heal Total Security 2021 is a great option, especially for existing Quick Heal users.

But what sets these antivirus software apart from one another? Is it worth investing additional money in higher-end software? To be honest, it largely depends on your requirements and computer usage. That being said, if you’re someone who works remotely and handles sensitive information or if you have young children accessing the internet, it’s best to invest in a more robust antivirus software like McAfee Total Protection 2023 or K7 Security Infiniti Antivirus 2023.

So what are you waiting for? Protect your computer and personal information now by investing in a reliable antivirus software. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Hardware and Accessories

Nehru Place has a plethora of options when it comes to hardware and accessories, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are a few products that you can check out when visiting Nehru Place Market:

Laptops and Desktops: Whether you’re a gamer or a working professional, you can find laptops and desktops that meet your requirements and budget. From top-of-the-line models to budget-friendly options, Nehru Place has it all. With the advent of remote work, people are upgrading their laptops and desktops at a rapid pace, and the variety available in Nehru Place is sure to leave you spoilt for choice.

Printers and Scanners: From laser to inkjet printers and flatbed to document scanners, Nehru Place has it all. You can find printers and scanners for personal and professional use in various price ranges. You may also find refurbished models that come at a fraction of the price of new ones.

UPS and Inverters: Power cuts and voltage fluctuations can be a nightmare for computer users. UPS and inverters are essential to keep your device running uninterrupted. Nehru Place has a wide range of UPS and inverters that cater to different budgets and requirements.

Mobiles and iPhones: Apart from laptops and desktops, Nehru Place also features a variety of mobile phones and iPhones from different manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a new phone or want to get your existing one repaired, Nehru Place has you covered.

Other Accessories: Nehru Place is a one-stop-shop for tech enthusiasts. From Webcams and headphones to Bluetooth headsets and pen drives, Nehru Place has a plethora of accessories to choose from.

In conclusion, Nehru Place is the perfect destination for those looking to purchase hardware and accessories. The variety available is sure to cater to different budgets and requirements. Keep an eye out for refurbished models that come at affordable prices. Upgrade your devices and keep up with the latest technology trends. Happy Shopping!


We hope you found this article on Software Price List in Nehru Place, Delhi 2023 informative and engaging. It’s crucial to keep up-to-date with software prices as it allows you to make informed decisions when purchasing software. Remember to check for discounts and offers available before making your purchase.

In summary, this article covered the latest software prices for Operating Systems (OS), Productivity Software, Graphic Designing Software, and Antivirus Software. We also highlighted the availability of hardware and accessories in Nehru Place Market.

Staying updated with the latest software prices is not only cost-efficient but also helps to keep your systems and devices secure. Do make sure to look out for the best deals and subscribe to telegram to make the most of exciting offers.

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