WhatsApp is working on New Feature: Hide your “last seen” status from specific people

WhatsApp is constantly working behind the scenes to add new features to its services, and we’re talking about that today. The beta version of WhatsApp for Android has the option to hide the “last seen” status from certain people.

WhatsApp is working on New Feature

About Feature

This feature has been actively developed for several months and is finally available to some users participating in the beta program.
This means that it will reach everyone who uses the beta version immediately, and finally the version of WhatsApp that everyone will use, but here’s a caveat. “Immediately” may mean “within a few months.” I was judging.

Some of the previous releases of the new WhatsApp feature. This is one of the most cautious companies when it comes to adding things to stable applications. That’s for sure. Anyway, somewhere in the future (let’s go together), anyone using WhatsApp will have a “last seen” status, especially for everyone, except for people’s blacklists. , Can be set to appear in contacts. one. .. The other option was already there, the novelty is that of “my contacts other than …”.

If you select this, you can select the user to disable “last seen” access. As always in WhatsApp countries, disabling someone’s “last seen” will also prevent them from seeing that person’s “last seen”.