WhatsApp Update : Make new WhatsApp chats disappear by default

Last November, WhatsApp introduced the “Disappearing Messages” feature, which automatically deletes chats after seven days.

One year later, this period has been extended so that in addition to the previous week’s option, messages can be automatically deleted after 24 hours or 90 days.

Additionally, WhatsApp users now have the ability to enable secret messaging by default for all new individual chats. In the past it had to be turned on manually. And if you turn on Disappearing Messages by default, the app will show a message in your conversations saying the same thing to people and letting them know it’s not personal.

Whatsapp new update

Now, Users can turn on disappearing messages for new group chats as well.

WhatsApp says it doesn’t affect your existing chats because this feature is optional. To enable it,

  • Go the WhatsApp’s Settings >
  • Account
  • Privacy
  • Default message timer menu
  • Select the duration.

You can learn more about the disappearing messages feature.