Xiaomi announces new battery technology: 100min Extra runtime and more

In a short post on Weibo, Xiaomi introduced a new battery technology that the R&D team is working on and which should be available next year. Automatically translated Chinese may be a misnomer, but from what we have learned Xiaomi has managed to triple the silicon content of the battery, resulting in more efficient storage capacity.

Xiaomi battery

In contrast, the new battery can hold around 10% more mAh and provide up to 100 minutes of additional working time on a single charge. The packaging technology has also been updated to further improve space efficiency. The angle of the Protection Circuit Module (PCM) is set to 90 degrees and is no longer flat, which ultimately saves space.

In addition, Xiaomi has equipped the new battery with a fuel metering chip based on advanced algorithms that improve the safety and life of the cell, since the charging process is monitored during the night. This will reduce the overhead of the phone in the event of a prolonged power outage.

There are also some temperature controllers with additional sensors, and as we all know, lithium-ion batteries don’t particularly like heat. However, we don’t know exactly how Xioami can regulate the battery temperature. Batteries of the first series of this type are expected to appear in the second half of next year,

Source (in Chinese)