Xiaomi Civi Full Specifications and Price

Xiaomi Civi follows the motto “Natural Look” and aims for a more natural look. The brand focuses on five main areas including appearance, selfie, display, feel, and loading speed. All these improvements are reflected in the recently launched Xiaomi Civi. However, the change in appearance is the main advantage of this smartphone.

Xiaomi Civi Specifications


Xiaomi Civi has an additional screen with a center hole design. It also uses the new second generation COP packaging process. So we see that all four sides of the screen are very narrow and the bottom edge is only 2.55mm wide. This makes it the smallest Xiaomi phone to date.

The performance of the Xiaomi Civi backend is also truly unique. This is the first time that Xiaomi presents the Velvet AG process. Compared to the conventional AG process, it not only offers a smooth feel, but also a shiny appearance (bling bling). The pink version has a delicate texture.

Body and Design

Xiaomi CIVI Design

The Xiaomi Sevi now weighs only 166 grams and is only 6.98 mm thick. With its hyperbolic body design, it measures just 6.1 inches. This device is ultra-thin, light and easy to carry / use.


Xiaomi Civi uses a 6.55-inch screen with a center hole design. In addition to the excellent visual perception at first sight, the screen quality of the Xiaomi Civi also convinces. It has a resolution of 2400 x 1080, supports frame rates above 120Hz, the P3 color space, and also supports 10-bit color depth which can represent 1.07 billion colors. The screen was calibrated in the original color before leaving the factory, JNCD≈0.32, deltaE≈0.36. It also supports HDR1O and Dolby Vision formats, which can provide users with a wide range of rich and unique visual experiences.



This smartphone is light and thin, but there is no loss in performance. Xiaomi Civi comes with the latest Qualcomms 7 series processor, the Snapdragon 778G. The chip uses TSMC 6 nanometer processing technology and increases the overall performance of the Kryo670 CPU by up to 40%. In addition, the graphics playback speed of the Adreno642L GPU is increased by 40% compared to the previous generation platform.

To make the most of the chip’s performance, Xiaomi Civi also has a compact multi-layer graphite tower design with an area of ​​10,202 square millimeters. This design ensures efficient performance. It also offers a long-term performance experience and can install difficult games at 90 frames per second.

Battery & Charger

Despite the slim and light appearance of this device, it does not harm the battery. This smartphone has a suitable 4500mAh battery. This is nearly the highest capacity battery in its class (given its thickness and weight). Additionally, the device supports 55-watt fast charging and fully charges in 45 minutes.



One of the outstanding features of this smartphone is the Xiaomi Civi selfie camera. It uses a completely new imaging system, especially the deluxe self-timer settings. This device has a 32 megapixel ultra clear lens and supports autofocus. In addition, the selfie camera supports two soft lights and can provide a great selfie experience in any environment.

Front Camera

It also has a powerful beautification algorithm that can recognize faces in milliseconds. It also analyzes facial features, emotions, and facial aesthetics in specific ways. The camera also supports intelligent skin color enhancement and 3D sculpting. In addition to its natural beauty features, Xiaomi Civi reintroduces two major blackening technologies: pixel-level skin regeneration technology and the GAN generation meter network. These features use artificial intelligence to discover the user’s true natural beauty.

Back Camera

In the back, the Xiaomi Civi is equipped with a triple camera. It has a 64-megapixel ultra-bright main camera, as well as an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens. According to Xiaomi, the device can simulate the opening mode of a professional camera to get better photos. It currently has four modes, including portrait mode with an open aperture, adorable pet mode, gourmet mode, and good object mode. Xiaomi Civi also has an auto focus function. It has 14 kinds of vlog templates including old movies, vacations, travels, memories, etc. These modes allow users to specify the status of the videos they are recording.

XIAOMI CIVI – More Features

Xiaomi-Civi Features

On the other hand, Xiaomi Civi also has two analog speakers, linear actuators, infrared remote control, full NFC and other functions. Xiaomi has also added three main functions to this smartphone. It supports the acceleration of the entire storage system, the acceleration of the storage integration and a powerful acceleration of the integration.

This can actually increase the speed of cell phones and slow down their aging process. Civi also has a 36-month anti-aging certificate from Thiel Labs, which means the device won’t be out of date for the next three years.

XIAOMI CIVI Price (In China)

In terms of price, Xiaomi Civi offers three optional configurations. The prices of these models are as follows:

Xiaomi-Civi Price

8GB 128GB – 2,599 yuan ($ 409)
8GB 256GB – 2,899 yuan ($ 449)
12GB 256GB – 3,199 yuan ($ 495)
This device is also available in three colors. Colors include glossy black, light blue and pink.

Source : Gizchina